Treat your clients with a wonderful solution that can almost fit any location. Whether a custom built cabinet or a cabinet made from extruded material, Sign Me Up Direct Wholesale will build the sign that best meets your customer’s needs. Sign Cabinets are available in a variety of designs from affordable standard options to fully custom designs.

  • Extruded Cabinets
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Pylon Cabinets
  • Push-Thru Cabinets
  • Interior Cabinets
  • Post & Panel Cabinets


Manufactured with industry-leading Sign-Comp extrusion materials, extruded cabinets feature superior strength at affordable prices. Simple wall mounted sign cabinets offer an illumination option that may be a more lucrative sign option when discussing illuminated signs.


Not every sign works in a standard cabinet box, and neither does our talented production team. When a custom solution is called for, our design and pre-fab team will select the right materials to build any design that fits yours and your client’s needs. With a cost-conscious sales representative working with you, you’re never priced out of a job.


This type of cabinet is typically installed for an entire shopping plaza. This is for all the occupants of the space to get recognized on the street level. When you need more than a standard wall mounted cabinet, our skilled designers will put together the best way to build your cabinet. Using the appropriate raw materials to make your sign strong and well lit are just a few of the many things we do at Sign Me Up Direct Wholesale to ensure your new pylon cabinet will be ready for install. Supply us your sign mock-up and we’ll work with you on getting you to the right price point needed to close the sale.


These sign cabinets create a sense of 3D that you may get with channel letters but without the cost that can incur with that. One of the most elegant designs, Push-Thru Cabinets incorporate acrylic letters routed and set into an aluminum face and backlit to provide an eye-catching glow for your brand. Either Digital graphics or standard vinyl overlays can be incorporated for corporate identification while allowing the edge-lit letters to stand-out. Check out our portfolio to get those design juices flowing.


You will naturally see these cabinets built for interior use. There are some differences in designing for interior display. Every design detail needs to be paid attention to. We typically would try to avoid seeing any wiring, any fastening hardware altogether. This will allow us to create the best viewing of an interior sign cabinet that most shopping malls, universities, and franchises looking for.