Channel letter signs are a very attractive and lucrative sign option for most businesses.

It engraves trust in the minds of their customers. When customers see Channel letter signs for a business it creates a sense of comfortability with the customer that makes them feel good about making a purchase at that business. Whether standard letters or custom fabricated letters, channel letters are individually self-illuminated dimensional letters. Each letter is separate and formed of separate aluminum or steel “channel” enclosures that can house LED or other lighting to form the illumination you’re searching for. The sides of the channels (returns) can be of depths from 3″ to 12″ with the returns being one of our standard coil color options or painted to match the face or in a contrasting color. The face of some styles of channel letters signs are often acrylic. The standard color is a white face. The face of the sign offers the opportunity to provide variety of color choices to work with your clients’ logos, branding, and buildings.

Sign Me Up Direct Wholesale channel letters come in four basic styles (additional information below):

  • Front Lit Channel Letters
  • Reverse Lit Channel Letters
  • Front & Back Lit Channel Letters
  • Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

Channel letters can be created from standard styles or completely custom designed to suit your client’s brand and style. Channel letters may be mounted directly to a building or on a raceway housing that can mount to a building with fewer connection points. Whatever style you choose, we will fabricate an attractive, quality illuminated or non-illuminated sign that meets your specifications. Sign Me Up Direct Wholesale is also UL certified. Why does this matter? Not only are all of our signs created with UL in mind, but most projects call for the sign to be made 100% UL. So rest assured, we’ve got your back when it comes to UL.