“Fabricating wholesale custom signs to improve your bottom line while offering superior quality all the time.”

Sign Me Up Direct Wholesale has an intriguing process when it comes to getting you satisfied with your sign project. Simply put, we have a start-to-finish customer service commitment with efficient fabrication processes to dramatically decrease production costs while ensuring you get a quality product all the time. We keep you in the loop in every step of the process thus eliminating the phone calls looking for an update on your sign project.

Whether it’s your first order with us of your 100th, your order will be produced quickly and cost-effectively while it gets individual, expert attention every step of the way. You’ll get the sign you need to meet your customers’ demands while making excellent profit margins and maintaining the competitive pricing you need in the marketplace.

Here are the steps in our process:


From the beginning, we will dedicate a skilled sales representative who will work with you to develop your sign order and keep tabs on your project throughout the entire fabrication process. The first step is that your sales rep will get all the detailed information about every aspect of the project. Items such as: signage location, its purpose, the style, all the necessary sizes, and materials specifications to ensure completeness and accuracy of the order. The completed order package is communicated directly to the next stage and that’s the Pre-Fab department. Your dedicated rep will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Pre-Fab and fabrication teams ensuring that all information that has been communicated to you is communicated to those departments.


This is where things start to get put into place. We employ an entire department dedicated to effective design, material configuration, and the sign manufacturing process. It’s this department that carries the order from the sales rep and makes sure every detail to the job spec sheet is carried out in fabrication. It’s even this department that will assemble fabrication drawings before it ever hits our production floor. You will even get the opportunity to review the drawings and make the final approval for fabrication. Once your approval is received, we’ll send all aspects of the job over to our fabrication department to begin the process of building your sign.


By the time your project hits the manufacturing process, at this point not one detail has been overlooked. We’re ready to go and off to the fab races. We take the information that was gathered by the department before and your project is inserted into our production pipeline. It’s only a matter of time now until your sign is finished. Every type of sign we create has it’s own stages that it must pass through. Each stage has a unique approach to it. We don’t just quality control at the end of the project, we quality control the project through every stage. We don’t miss any small detail. That’s what we pride ourselves on. We feel our quality is better just based on the amount of eyes it has to travel through before making its way to the next stage.
Once final assembly is completed and the sign is done, it is cleaned, plugged in, and scheduled for a final manager review with both the floor Fabrication   Manager and the original sales representative. Both must check the product in detail and sign off on the completed sign before it is scheduled for shipment.


This is the final stage but some people in our company say it’s the most important one. All the work can be for nothing if it doesn’t arrive to you the same way it left our facility. After fabricating a quality product, we have an entire department dedicated to carefully packaging and crating to make for easy and safe shipping from our facility. We also negotiate shipping rates based on the project size and weight. This will be given to you at the initial estimate.