At Sign Me Up Wholesale, we provide direct wholesale signs to sign companies, printing companies, freelance designers, fleet-truck leasing companies, and marketing and advertising agencies. We fabricate signs of any size and material and offer them at wholesale pricing to our clients. We pride ourselves on making the entire process seamless and hassle-free for you and your clients and each sign is created with precision and skill that is sure to delight your client. Because we have all the required materials on hand and fabricate the signs on-site, we are able to give reliably estimated turnaround times and handle adjustments easily. If you are in need of a one-time sign creation or a contractor to handle sign fabrication for your sign product shop, trust the sign fabrication experts at Sign Me Up Wholesale.

Direct Wholesale Sign Products Available

Any sign that you and your client can dream up, the team at Sign Me Up Wholesale can create! Here is a list of the types of signs we fabricate and we can combine any style to create custom letters, logos, or signs.


Channel Letter Signs

Front Lit Channel Signs

With our advanced commercial production equipment, we can easily custom create front lit channel letters with a simple drawing.

Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Our unique design and production process helps reflect light better and creates a true halo effect that the reverse lit channel letter sign is favored for.

Front and Back Lit Channel Letters

Using our unique fabrication techniques, we are able to create dynamic and highly visible front and back-lit channel letter signs that are sure to catch the attention of every passer-by!

Non-Illuminated Channel Letters

These, non-illuminated channel letter signs are produced to be just as stunning as their lit-up counterparts.


Sign Cabinets

Our sign cabinets are made from industry-leading quality materials and are available in a variety of designs and are fully customizable to meet your client’s specific needs. The sign cabinet styles we can create are:

Extruded Cabinets

We use the top-quality Sign-Comp extrusion materials to make top-of-the-line extruded cabinet signs that have superior strength. Stand-alone or wall-mounted sign options available.

Custom Sign Cabinets

For an out-of-the-box sign cabinet design, Sign Me Up Wholesale can handle any cabinet sign idea you have!

Pylon Cabinets

Our giant pylon cabinet signs are made to be durable enough to proudly display every shopping center’s clients.

Push-Thru Cabinets

easily one of our most elegant sign options, our push-thru cabinet signs create a 3D effect that is eye-catching for any brand. We can also incorporate digital graphics or standard vinyl overlays.

Interior Cabinets

Because we know that our interior cabinet signs will be inside, we take the time and care to design every detail to avoid wiring or fastening hardware from being seen.


Awnings, Canopies, & Vestibules

Store-front awning, canopies, and vestibules are a great way to display the name and logo of shops and to market products. Because we print and sew all of our products on-site, we are able to provide a superior product for your clients and fully customize every aspect of their awning, canopy, or vestibule sign, including fabric, graphics, frame-building, and lighting.

Carved and Routed Signs

Our carved signs are a beautiful alternative to lighted signs and are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and design options to meet your custom needs. We can create a traditional carved sign, use layered vinyl overlays, or create 3D letters.

Wholesale Printing

At Sign Me Up Wholesale, we stock all of our own vinyl and laminate so that you don’t have to! This makes it quick and easy for us to complete wholesale printing projects with efficiency. Our vehicle wraps and fleet graphics lead the industry in quality and precision. Digital printing allows us to offer fast turnaround times and the ability to print high-volume projects in less time than ever.

At Sign Me Up Wholesale, all of our direct wholesale signs are made with precision and skill. Attention is paid to every detail to create signs that are second to none. Our team can create any sign that you can dream up, at affordable pricing. Are you a sign shop owner who helps your clients with the design of their logo and sign and need a trusted sign manufacturer to bring your signs to life with the same passion and dedication that you give your clients? At Sign Me Up Wholesale, our passion is producing quality signs and we have honed the technology and experienced staff to turn our passion into our business. Contact Sign Me Up Wholesale with all of your direct wholesale sign needs!