Carved signs offer your customers a really nice sign option that is crafted to meet any design standard. This type of sign is recommended in most municipalities and incorporated villages. Carved signs offer the ability to be dynamic with your design while offering a great sign option to your customer at a real cost-effective price. There are a few different ways that carved signs are made. See below to get an idea of how you want your carved sign to be constructed.

Vinyl Overlay Routed Signs

Vinyl covered routed signs are an affordable way to get your point across. Typically routed in either 3/4″ or 1″ thick PVC, this sign offers an affordable alternative to the traditional “wood” signs of old. The graphics would be vinyl applied graphics making your color choices endless. Try layering vinyl colors to make the sign an even more appealing option for your customer.

Carved and Painted Signs

Machine carved and hand painted signs create such a beautiful effect every time. Our machines will carve the letters and design into either HDU or PVC in a timely fashion. The real beauty of this sign comes to life when our artists take their hands to a brush. Our carved signs are always hand painted with precision and detail. Not one sign leaves our shop without it being thoroughly inspected by our lead painter on the floors approval.

Layered Signs

So you aren’t sure carving is for you. That’s okay, we also have the ability to route out letters to assemble a 3D sign like no other. The more layers and colors your sign offers, the more interesting it becomes. The more interesting it becomes, the more you can charge your client. This type of sign is really when our design team shines! Our design team loves to come up with the best design for not just your portfolio but for ours as well. Our attention to detail in layered signs is second to no one.

3D Letters

If you’re looking for an easy alternative to metal or vacuum formed plastic letters then our 3D letters are the next best option. We will take your design, and route out letters for both exterior and interior use. Our painting department can paint them any standard color or match any PMS or paint color that is required in your job order.